Tuesday, October 27, 2015

my love/hate relationship with distance running!!

since my running journey started just over a year ago, i have always been pushing for something more! i am the kind of girl who is constantly seeking my next big challenge. when one thing isn't pushing me hard enough i move on to the next thing that will kick it up a notch! that is how it has been with running as well. i started off at the 5k level && have now worked my way up to full blown marathon training. what's next, an ultra? [hey, never say never right]?!

training for this marathon has been extremely challenging in more ways than one. for starters, it is all consuming. just to cross train && keep up with my runs i feel that i am constantly busy with something related to running. even when i am not, i am thinking about it. it literally consumes my life && while i may not find that to be a bad thing, it does take away from time with my family. i have very much enjoyed training && i plan to continue on, but i would like to find a better way to balance it all. i wake up before work to get my runs in && i am cross training after work to keep up with that aspect of my training.

to some it may seem as though i am pushing myself too hard,  but i assure you i am not pushing myself harder than my body is willing to go. we are all a heck of a lot stronger than we realize. that is one thing i have come to learn over the course of my training. we all have a reserve of energy. just when you think you can't possibly go one step further you keep pushing && run a few more miles. we all have it within us, it is just a matter of how far we are willing to push ourselves. i am not going to say i don't push the limit sometimes, because i definitely have, but i have always come out feeling better than ever!

another challenge with my training came in the summer time. the heat is not my friend! i had never experienced running in the summer before so this past summer took the life out of me with the SUPER hot days we had. although it really drained me, i continued on with my training because i knew what i needed to do in order to be prepared come marathon day. it seems crazy to think that nearly 5 months have gone by since i signed up && started training for this. in reality, it seem like another lifetime ago!

i never thought the distance would be so challenging. for some reason i thought it would just sort of come naturally. well, i was DEAD wrong about that. i am not saying that it has to be forced, but it is definitely something that has to be worked towards. just like anything, you only get better with practice. so, over these past few months i have tried && perfected many different methods && still continue to learn more with each mile i run.

as the day quickly approaches && i now realize that i am only about 2 && 1/2 weeks way from my marathon i feel mostly nervous! 26.2 miles is a far distance && it is a HUGE accomplishment. i know that no matter what, it will be totally worth it when i cross that finish line. i am just afraid to get there. i know to most importantly trust my training but somehow it never feels like enough. just like any person, i do feel self doubt at times but i quickly find the positive in it. i try to find that silver lining because i know that that is what will carry me through. i have worked SUPER hard && this is arguably the hardest i have ever worked for something in my life. i know i will make it to the finish. i know i have what it takes. when the fear takes over, i just have to wash it all away.

once again i let time slip away from me but i promise i will be back to blog about how i cross train as part of my marathon [&& even half marathon] training schedule.


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