Saturday, October 31, 2015

the INSANITY of cross training!

as promised, i am back to write about my journey through cross training. there are many things that have made up my cross training routine over the years but the one thing that has stuck with me the most is home workouts! back in june of 2012 i bought my first at home workout. i saw an infomercial [yes they still exist, lol] for insanity && at the time, i was willing to do whatever it took to lose the weight. i was on a medication that made me gain 50+ pounds && i was feeling totally down on myself. i figured if anything could help me lose the weight it would be a program with a name like INSANITY. i was a bit nervous that  i wouldn't be able to get through it but when it came, i was super excited. i had no more excuses at that point so i just got down to business.

day one is the fit test. when i was finished i could not believe that that video was only the fit test. if that was day one, then what was going to follow? it was literally the hardest workout i had ever done in my life. although i was feeling a bit discouraged i was able to keep at it for a few weeks; but i would give up && start over again. this happened multiple times over the course of a few months. once i even made it all the way to month two && got two days in && said screw this, it is too hard.

this program is named the hardest workout ever put on dvd. now that i have made it all the way through, i understand why! month two is even harder than i imagined. however, this time around i was both physically && mentally ready to power through. that is not to say that i haven't had days where i totally did not want to work out, because believe me those days came A LOT in month two. but i knew i made a commitment to myself that i would finish this program one day && tonight, i did it! tomorrow is technically the last day because i have to do the fit test to measure how far i have come over to course of the program. but i am over the moon excited to say that i finished this program!!

if you asked me back when i bought insanity if i thought i had it in me to complete it, i would have laughed in your face. it really is the hardest workout i have ever done but it is so worth it. it has shaped me physically && mentally over the course of 60 days!

i have many people question why i choose such hard workouts as cross training for my runs. i don't really have a clear cut answer. i love beachbody programs. aside from insanity i have completed insanity max 30 && cize as well. now that i have finished insanity for the first time, i am going to go back to max 30 because it is an awesome 30 minute workout. the greatest part about that program is that it really works you && it's only 30 minutes of your day. cize is a really great program as well. i torched hundreds of calories with every workout when i was doing that program over the summer. if you want to learn how to dance, cize is the perfect program for you because shaun t really breaks it down && makes it so much fun! for someone like myself who isn't the greatest of dancers, i felt super confident by the end of the program!

so my love for beachbody programs has grown over time && i want to continue on with purchasing && completing more when i can. i think it is great to be able to get a full body workout in the comfort of my own home. i have never been into lifting weights so the fact that each of these programs doesn't involve them is perfect for me. however, more recently i have decided that i may want to shake things up a bit && incorporate weights into my workouts. so i am now looking into different at home programs for that!

i did hold gym memberships multiple times. i even found the motivation to get myself there which was always a struggle. mostly i went because i had a wedding dress that i wanted to look good in so i remained disciplined with going. once i was married i just couldn't be bothered with the gym anymore && reconnected to at home workouts. my journey through running also began a few months after i got married.

no matter what, cross training remains a staple in my every day life. it is something i do when i get home from work that helps me decompress from the day. for now i plan to keep up with my at home workouts. i don't really see myself going back to the gym anytime soon. i have my own little gym in my house where i get all my workouts done. i also own an elliptical which i use occasionally && plan to incorporate more into my routine in the upcoming months.

i have worked very hard over the past year or so && i just don't see myself turning back anytime soon. i love where i am at && i just want to continue to build on it. some say i am over doing it. i promise you i am not doing anything that my body can't handle. i think all that i do between my cross training && my running helps me stay on track both physically && mentally. so for now, this runner girl will continue going about life just the way she is. because in the end, it is what works for me && that is all that counts!

stay tuned for my next blog post where i will give you a deeper look into my fitness journey && how i got where i am today!


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