Saturday, October 24, 2015

the post that started it ALL..

it is considerably early on a friday night [8:45 PM] && i find myself ready to finally write my first blog post! not your typical friday night activity, i admit, however, there seems to be a calmness in the air && i find that that is when i do my best writing. i want this blog to be open, honest, && raw; the story of my life as both a runner && a lover of all things fitness. please bare with me as i go through the growing pains of creating my very first blog!

tonight i just want to write a little about how i began my journey as a runner. it really began somewhat quietly, but then seemingly all at once! a year ago september i set out on a run that changed my life. it was no real ah ha moment, just me deciding i wanted a new challenge in life. i was sick of the gym && i had given up on workout videos more times than i could count. so i laced up my shoes && hit the pavement. OUCH! i ran one single mile && it took the life out of me. at that moment i realized that this journey i was about the embark on, would be one that would change my life.. FOREVER!

while my first big night out wasn't much, a mile is still a mile in my book. so for nights to come i would set out for my mile long runs. finally, when i had decided i was ready to kick things up a notch, i signed myself up for a local 5k that was for a cause near to my heart && gave myself something to really work towards. as i increased my mileage i realized this was something i could actually grow to love. of course we all know there are good && bad days in running but i kept at my nightly runs for months && months.

then came race day && i was so beyond ecstatic to get out there && run my first race! my ever supportive husband was there by my side through it all && signed up for the race as well, in support of me. i toed the line to my first race && with my heart racing, i took a deep breath && suddenly i heard "GO!" && off we went! i took off at a pretty quick pace for myself at the time. && while i remember hurting after the race one thing still remained, i WANTED to run another race. i quickly found another 5k && registered myself for it. as time went on i was noticing that my pace only continued to improve. to me, this really gave me a sense of self because i had always felt like i didn't have that one thing to call my own. that one thing that i felt defined myself outside of my family && friends. running quickly became that thing!

after completing multiple 5k's i decided to take on what would then be the biggest challenge of my life, a half marathon! stay tuned for my next post where i will recall the amazing, painful, liberating, freeing && challenging months that led up to my very first half marathon!