Sunday, November 8, 2015

TRUST the journey.

a health && fitness journey is a life long journey. the sooner you realize this, the easier it all becomes. i struggled to believe this statement for the longest time && i now realize the truth in it. i was always putting a cap on my journey && while it always gave me something to work towards, i realize that if you string all of those "somethings" together they are actually goals. why stop when you hit a certain weight, when you could continue to maintain or tone && tighten? i feel like there is always a reason to keep working on yourself. even if it is more mentally than physically we always have room to grow!

i am not sure that i can actually pinpoint exactly when my journey began, but i think it was around the time i bought the home workout program, insanity. i was really at a breaking point in my life where i knew i needed to make a change && that change came when i began doing the insanity workouts. sure it was tough && i even had moments where i would cry but i kept at it. && just like anyone on a journey, i have had MANY bumps along the way. life happens && we don't always have control over everything. so we make the best of things. i had times where i fell into days, weeks, or even months of not working out at all or just eating horribly. the best part about it is that every day is a new day to start fresh. this is another statement i struggled to find the truth in.

i always had a belief that in order to start over or start something new it had to be a monday. this may sound silly, but think of how many times you have said to yourself "oh i'll start on monday." to me it just seemed like a week was the start of something fresh but as i go along this journey i have come to find that life is way too short && each day is a new opportunity to start fresh. && if you really think about it, every minute the ball is in your court && you are calling the shots. so what if you just ate that cookie or that pizza, have a piece of fruit or a healthier meal your next meal. it is up to you to make the decisions that are right for your body, so i decided i would call the shots from now on. it is a liberating feeling to come to this realization with yourself.

there will always be times where i struggle, but those struggles have shaped who i am today so i wouldn't trade them for the world. even after all the success i had losing weight through home workouts i still wanted a challenge && that was where running came in. running had filled a void in my life that i didn't even truly know existed. i never had a hobby that i was really passionate about until i started running. i am glad i did because it has quickly become one of the most important aspects of my life && has shaped who i am as a person. i am about to run my FIRST marathon a week from today && i am beyond blessed to have this opportunity in my life. if i had gone down a different path i wouldn't be where i am at today ready to run this marathon. i know i will have A LOT of mixed emotion over this next week but i am now strong enough to realize that the most important thing to remember is to trust my training. each choice i made has led me to this point && while i have hit many bumps i am here && that is all that matters. i know i will continue along this bumpy journey but i believe that is a little something called LIFE.


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