Wednesday, December 23, 2015

cocoa classic 10k!

three weeks after my marathon i set out to run a 10k on roosevelt island in nyc && it was a great race! not only did i PR at 53:00 but i got to run it with my husband! i always love it when he tags along for a race because it is extra support for me. && for once i was actually able to support him since he was so nervous. i believe in him so much && i knew he could do it. && he did, with an amazing time that blew me away!
the island is a beautiful course along the water so it was a great way for me to get back into the swing of things after my marathon. i did worry about my pace, but tried to push that out of my mind && just told myself to get to the finish. with the marathon under my belt i knew i was capable, i just struggled to go the distance because no one ever tells you just how long it takes to recover from a marathon. with every step i took in that 10k i had to will myself to go further. at times i felt like i had outran my love for running but i know now that i couldn’t possibly do that. running is such a HUGE part of my life && now that i am hooked, i have big goals for the years to come!
now everyone is different, but i feel that in some ways i am still recovering from my marathon. i will never be the same runner i was pre-marathon && im ok with that because i am a much stronger runner now. as michael && i drove into nyc the morning of the run, we didn’t say much because we were both nervous for the road ahead. it turned out to be a great race && we got to spend the day in the city afterwards, which of course included a trip to my favorite macaroon spot, laduree.
since christmas is now days away, i am looking forward to the new year && the goals i have set for myself. i have big dreams as a runner && every day that i get out there is another day i am pushing myself to be the best i can be. as i travel along this journey i have come to realize that pace isn’t always what’s important to me. finishing has become top priority && enjoying myself along the way is just a given.
the next race i will run is the glass slipper challenge in disney world! of course this is where the magic happens && the fun begins. i don’t need to worry myself with pace && PR’s, i just want to feel the magic in the air as i run through cinderella’s castle! the challenge is that you run a 10k on saturday && a half marathon on sunday. this will definitely push me to the limit because i know the feeling after any race && that feeling is TIRED! so to run two races back to back will be the ultimate test for me but it’s one that i am willing to conquer as i set out to reach my goals as a runner.
currently i am working on a list of bucket list runs && goals that i have for myself as i continue on my running journey. i will definitely have to share some of it with my loyal followers once i get it all together after the new year!
until then,

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