Sunday, January 17, 2016

new year, new me! goals for 2016!!

new year, new me! we have all heard this before && as cheesey as it may sound to some, this is how i feel in the new year! i have never really been much of a goal setter but recently i have felt the need to put pen to paper && write down my goals for 2016! i even started a "lifetime goals" list as well!

i have realized the importance of goal setting in my life. it gives me something to work towards && strive for. i can only hope that i reach all my goals in 2016 but for now i will take it one day at a time && work as hard as i can to achieve them.

it felt kind of liberating to put pen to paper && see all my goals laid out before me. while a lot of them are health && fitness related i have some other personal goals as well. another thing i have began working on is a list of bucket list runs! i can only hope that i am able to run them all some day. i do have a lifetime bucket list as well but maybe ill share that some other time.

in the meantime, here are my goals for 2016:

-register for dopey 2017 && start training in june.
[[for those of you who dont know what dopey is, its a race in disney world where you run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, && marathon on consecutive days in one weekend! it will definitely be the biggest challenge ive taken on so far but i feel up for the challenge && ready to train!!]]

-run another marathon
[[hopefully nyc! i plan to enter into the lottery when it opens!]]

-work on loving && accepting myself the way i am.

-make time weekly for personal development.

-complete the GSC.
[[GSC is the glass slipper challenge. a race in disney world where you run a 10k on saturday && a half marathon on sunday. this will be the test if i am ready to run dopey && i know i can do it!!]]

-continue to push my running pace.

-spend more time with michael.

-learn to give myself more credit for my accomplishments && day to day life.

-build a successful beachbody business.

-drink shakeology every day.

-focus on getting && staying well.

-incorporate weight training into my weekly routine.

-workout at least 4-5 times per week (cross train).

-finish walk-in closet && home gym.

-take a barre class.

-blog more.

-form a healthier relationship with food.

the importance of setting goals has really stood out to me this year. i even plan to add to it as i see fit. i hope to continue setting goals for myself && pushing the limits! i want to work on myself this year, mind, body && spirit. we have the power to choose who we are && who we want to be. it all starts with YOU! push past your comfort zone, be BOLD!

we all have to make choices && most of us take chances.. this builds us up as individuals. there is no time like the present to reach for the stars && put your mind to what really matters to you! so start writing down those goals! && id love for ya'll to share them with me!

till next time..

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