Friday, January 29, 2016


as much as none of us likes to admit it or really even talk about it, we all struggle at some point in our journeys. for some its more often than others but we all go through something that changes us. the major turning point for me was in november when i ran my first marathon! it was crazy, amazing, && emotional BUT it was also completely exhausting! looking back on it i wouldnt change a thing [except maybe that hamstring injury]!

recovering from a marathon was not at all what i expected it to be. && in many ways i feel like i am still recovering because i have not fully gotten back into my "normal" routine. prior to the marathon i was running almost every day && cross training 5-6 days a week. i have been able to get my running back on schedule but my cross training has been a HUGE struggle! i cannot mentally get myself back into the routine. sometimes i am successful for a few days && then i drop the ball. i know i am being hard on myself && the thing i must always remind myself of is to take it one day at a time.

something i have always struggled with but would like to work on in the new year is forming a better relationship with food. i have definitely started making healthier choices over the years. before i started my journey i would eat fast food multiple times a week. its not to say that i dont have "junky food" because i do. && i dont plan on depriving myself of the foods i love most, like pizza but overall i would just like to eat healthier. every time i go food shopping i make the effort to buy healthier, whole foods which in turn creates a healthier lifestyle for me. if i can just keep taking steps towards it i know i will find the balance.

lately i have wanted to find the balance in all aspects of my life so i am working towards my goals every day! i want to try new things in the new year that are out of my comfort zone. once i get back from my trip to disney [where ill be running the glass slipper challenge!!] i will start to make a list/plan of some things id like to incorporate into my cross training && journey in general. just a few things i am looking into are hiking, yoga, && barre!

this runner girl is already packing her bags && getting ready for disney!! until next time..


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