Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the [[not so]] frozen penguin half!!

where to begin!? this was my first half since disney so i was actually going into it hoping for a PR. it was the same course in brooklyn where i ran my first half so i was definitely looking to redeem myself! the weather was MUCH warmer than i expected && at that moment i knew i had to just take this race as it came.

who would have thought in early march id be wearing shorts && a tank top?! as usual i laid out my outfit the night before && i was pretty excited about it because it was st patrick's day themed!

michael && i drove into brooklyn the day of the race with no problems && even found a KILLER parking spot [[which is SUPER rare in ny lol]]! we walked to get him a coffee && i was able to shake my legs out a bit. my nerves were high because i had way too many expectations. this has the tendency to hinder my performance because i get TOO wrapped up in it all.

as i toed the start line i decided a finish would be my goal for the race. considering all i had been through training wise due to unexplained pain [[which has now been diagnosed as fibromyalgia -- but ill save that for another day]] i knew all that mattered was that i crossed that finish! the warm weather has a negative effect on my running no matter how much i hydrate so i knew this would factor into things as well.

the course itself is BEAUTIFUL! you run right along the water on an out && back course && even go right under the verazanno bridge! i tried my best to just listen to my music && get into a good groove. i was unable to settle into a good pace && struggled ALOT! i had to stop to walk a few times just to catch my breath && kind of talk myself into getting to the finish.

the best part about an out && back course is that i was able to see michael a few times! that is always something for me to look forward to! he could tell i was hurting but he knew damn well i wasnt giving up! i crossed the finish with a course PR && i was happy just to have the medal around my neck!
i tried not to think about it but in the back of my mind i couldnt help but to think about running the nyc half the following weekend! i knew for sure it would be a challenge but if you know me, you know my thought was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! stay tuned for my nyc half recap!!