Tuesday, May 10, 2016

karhu flow 6 shoe review!

let me start by saying that i feel so blessed to have been chosen to test out these shoes! when i was contacted to choose the shoes of my choice it felt like any runners DREAM! i decided to go with the karhu flow 6's! let me tell you, running in these shoes is like running on clouds!

at first i was skeptical because i have been running in nike's for almost two years now but i am ALL for trying new things. interestingly enough these shoes felt very similar to my nike's! any runner knows how big of a deal it is to change shoes so when i ran in these a few times without issues i was SUPER excited!!

the flow 6's seemed to mold right to my feet! && i have no idea how, but my times seem faster when i run in them! i think it has something to do with the fulcrum technology! when i read about it on their website i thought to myself, "this is crazy, how can a shoe make my running more efficient?" well, i am now a firm believer that a pair of shoes can absolutely make all the difference! not only in pace, but form && overall comfort.

the flow 6's are SUPER comfortable. the only problem i have had with them at all is the laces come untied if i dont double knot them. this is obviously an easy fix! i do wish they came in other colors, BUT i love the design of these shoes. the bears are SO cute && totally my style!

i look forward to continuing to run many races && morning runs in these shoes && i cant wait to buy another pair!! i will be running a half marathon this weekend which will put these shoes to the ultimate test for me. this will be the furthest distance i have taken them. stay tuned for my race recap && thoughts on how the shoes felt at a half marathon distance!

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