Monday, July 11, 2016

wonder woman takes over the super hero half!!

forgive me, it has been a while since i have blogged. LOTS going on in my life currently; anywho, i wanted to blog about the last half marathon i ran, the super hero half in morristown, new jersey! i actually ran this half last year && it was an EXTREMELY hot day in may. people were dropping like flies && it was all i could do to make it through the heat. i had hoped this year would be different, and while the heat seemed to stay away, i was running against a storm that was lurking overhead.

this was the first race i ran with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. it has definitely slowed me down but i have refused to let it stop me! my husband dropped me off to check in and pick up my bib while he found parking in the chaos. when we finally met back up it was just about time for me to head to the start. i stretched out as best i could, kissed him good bye, && told him i’d see him at the finish.
this was an emotional race for me. i wanted so badly to redeem myself from last years hot mess of a time BUT i knew i had to just focus on the finish. as my body has been fighting its self, i have let myself realize that the most important thing in any race now is to finish the race. if i PR that is great, but i have to be easier on myself && remember that a finish is a finish no matter how fast or slow i go.
standing at the start, i got nervous. i was already hurting but i was going to push through no matter what. ready, set, go && we were off. the first three miles seemed to breeze by. i was able to keep a great pace && i was thinking wow, i might actually get through this without any pain. then, pain struck && i had to slow down. i had to walk many times but i have to say, this race has a TON of crowd support. hearing complete strangers cheer for you is one of the BEST feelings ever. i knew around mile 6 i would get to see michael so i kept my focus on that to divert my attention from the pain.
like i said, this race was emotional && i broke out into tears a few times. i just felt so defeated but i knew as long as i pushed to the finished i would be proud of myself. right on que at mile 6 i saw michael && i smiled at him but he knew better. he read the pain on my face && you can see it in the pictures he snapped of me. i had thought about calling it quits but i am not a quitter so i pushed on for the next 7 miles!
i really like this course. it is mostly on the open road && the last few miles are on a shaded, paved trail. as the storm clouds rolled in i pushed myself to finish. i found comfort in the mantras i say to myself && turned up the volume on my music so i could focus on the words to get me through! it is crazy that even when you have just 2-3 miles to go it feels SO much further. BUT when you get close && you can hear the crowd cheer, you run your heart out.
i picked up my pace in the end && as always when my watch hit 13 miles, i sprinted the last .1 into the finish && got the medal i so desperately wanted to see. i heard michael yelling for me as i ran into the finish && soon found him. we grabbed a bite to eat from all the tables that were set up && headed to the car. i was hurting, i was tired && i just wanted to sit down. but of course, the rain started. light at first, && then an all out down pour. i looked at michael && said, “lets just run.” so we ran as fast as we could to the car && finally i sat down && once again the tears flowed. i looked at my phone && saw a bunch of texts from my mama. michael had forgot to text her when i finished (oops). she was so worried but i assured her i was ok && we headed home.
i don’t usually plan any races for the summer because it is just too hot! this turned out to be a good choice this summer with all my pending health issues. i have developed a heat intolerance so a lot of my miles are being logged on the treadmill if i am not up early enough to beat the heat. the next race i have is in september. it is a half out in connecticut (another state checked off my list!). i have a 5k that i MIGHT run in august so stay tuned to see what i decide! in the mean time, i have A LOT of training to do between the NYC marathon in november && the dopey challenge in january!! till next time..

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  1. Wow girl. I cried reading this. As you know I know your pain. Way to push through. You inspire