Tuesday, September 20, 2016

the color run 💗💜💙💚💛🦄

even before i became an avid runner i always saw advertisements for color runs. they seemed like a great way to have a good time && be active but i just never got around to it. on my two year run-iversary, i decided to celebrate with a color run not too far from my house! i had a hard time justifying the price but i did use a coupon && the day ended up being well worth it.

as with any race, i set my flat jessica up the night before && got some sleep. i was SO ready for a morning of colorful FUN!

going into it i had no time goals or anything like that {the race isnt timed anyway}. my goal was just to have a good time && that goal was achieved! i got to meet up with an old friend from college && make new ones along the way. it was a great saturday morning && we all had a BLAST! the weather was perfect && we just ran when we felt like it && walked when we felt like it, no pressure.

with the struggles ive been facing lately with my health && running, honestly i was happy to have no added time pressure. i just wanted to have a good time hanging out with some awesome ladies!

i didnt know what to expect with the color powder, but as you can see in the pictures i succeeded in getting completely colorful! this is the happiest 5k on earth so if you are thinking of doing one get together a fun group of people && go for it! have a blast! i know i sure did!!

i have a few half marathons on deck then the ever awaited NYC marathon in november! stay tunned!!


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