Tuesday, October 25, 2016

rockin the streets of brooklyn for half marathon number eleven!!

going into rock n roll brooklyn, my nerves were in a bunch because in the back of my mind i kept thinking about how much i struggled with the hogsback half just two weeks prior. either way, i was determined to run this race && come out of it feeling strong! so just like with any other race, i got together my gear the night before, did a lot of stretching, && got some rest.

the morning of, my stomach was in knots but i got myself together && we headed to brooklyn. i had to pick up my bib the day of since i wasn’t able to make it to the expo. my hubby dropped me off at grand army plaza && went to find parking. sadly i lost track of time && that was the last time i got to see him before i started. i got through security just in time to line up in my corral. && just like that i was toeing the line of my eleventh half marathon.

i did one other rock n roll race in raleigh && loved it despite ALL the hills, little did i know brooklyn was full of  hills as well! i really love the crowd support && entertainment on the course at rock n roll races. it helps keep me focused on something other than pain! unfortunately, due to the time crunch i was unable to use a bathroom before lining up, however, around mile 4 i saw one open with no line && made a run for it {literally}! i have never had issues with my bladder in the past while running, but it has seemed to cause issues at a few races && even training runs lately. after my pit stop, i felt like a weight was lifted && i was able to move at a quicker pace!

i took in all the sights && sounds of brooklyn && even got to see my hubby on the course a few times. another great thing about these races is the aid stations. they are always full of water && gatorade which i like because i usually need one of each! they also supply glukos brand energy gels/gummies && while it was my first time trying them, i LOVED the lemon gummies. i always bring my own fuel to races but tend to try new ones if i feel i need the extra push. i know they say nothing new on race day but knock on wood, i have never had an issue.

the course was a good one but definitely more hills than i was prepared for. we finished in prospect park which was beautiful. once i crossed the finish line i immediately started searching for michael. he sent a text saying his phone was about to die and where he was standing. it took me what seemed like forever to find him, but i did && we looked around for the tent where i could grab my t-shirt. after this race i was actually able to walk which was a HUGE difference from the hogsback half where michael had to assist me to the car. we had almost a mile walk to the car after brooklyn but i didn’t mind. however, as soon as i sit down && let my body rest the aches && pains hit.. ALL OVER!

i was excited at my time for this race because it was a post diagnosis PR for me! && while i don’t like to set some huge time goal for myself anymore, i usually have a time in mind that i’d like to keep it around. stay tuned for another race recap from the runner’s world half in bethlehem, pa! talk about HILLS..

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