Friday, November 11, 2016

runner's world half!!

let me just start off by saying, HOLY FREAKIN HILLS!! anyway, i will start at the beginning. my husband has come to almost every single race of mine, but this time it was just me && my amazing sisty! so she came over the night before && i did all my usual race night rituals like hydrating, wearing compression, && of course setting out my flat jessica!

we got off to an early start race morning since we had a bit of a drive up to bethlehem, pa! for some reason i had SO many emotions going into this race, but it was mostly nerves. i guess i was really afraid for all the hills. my running has changed a GREAT deal since my diagnosis’ so i really just have to keep reminding myself the my main goal is to make it to the finish line. of course i have my time i’d like to keep it around, but i have learned to throw that out the window sometimes && just focus on the finish && enjoying the race!

let me also say that EVERY TIME i am with my sister, it is an adventure {to say the least}!! my stomach was churning so as soon as we got off the exit i had her pull into a gas station. i did my business && we were on our way, but not before getting lost in some random little pennsylvania back roads! eventually we found our way && were able to get into the parking lot we wanted to. we started to walk to where we thought packet pick up was && after a good mile or so realized.. WE WERE GOING THE WRONG WAY!! we were so beyond clueless at that point && i was starting to get nervous because i had until 7:00am to pick up my packet. with ten minutes left we just looked around && tried reading the map again {neither of us is good with maps what can i say}! a VERY nice girl saw us looking clueless && asked if we knew where to go. we explained we were still looking && she offered to take us to packet pick up. between the three of us we figured it out && the real kicker.. IT WAS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM WHERE WE PARKED!!! like i said, ALWAYS an adventure. we can now look back && laugh about it.

once i secured my race bib, i was much more at ease. the next thing i had to do was figure out how to get to the start. once i was told it wasn’t too far i figured, hey what’s a little more walking. i had hoped for port-a-potties but no such luck. there were two bathrooms by the start. i waiting in line until the last possible minute but ended up running over to the start with the decision to hold it. not my greatest idea.

the race didn’t seem too hilly to start but once we got into i quickly realized it was going to be a TOUGH course! having to pee SO badly, i made the decision around mile 4 to stop && use a port-a-potty. never in my life have i had to stop on a course to use the bathroom but with a new medication i am on, frequent urination seems to be the side effect i suffer from most. && of course while i run, i want to keep hydrated so it is a bit of a struggle these days.

i was actually surprised to see my sister at one point because i didn’t think there were many spots for her to spectate. seeing your family unexpectedly is always an exciting rush. i tried to keep a real even pace so i wouldn’t die out on the hills but some of them were so steep, just about everyone walked up them! this course was so scenic that it really helped me keep my mind from the pain. i really did love this race despite the hills. i am not one to stay after a race for the festivals but it sure looked fun.

as i neared the finish i looked at my time && i had actually thought i set a post diagnosis PR for myself but i was a little under a minute off. either way i finished under the time i had in mind && was proud of myself for that! luckily i was able to find my sister right away && i snuck through a break in the fence so we could head to the car. i was hurting a great deal from the hills, so she helped me to the car which wasn’t too far away.

if you are looking for a challenging, hilly course, this is a GREAT race for that. i am not sure that i would do it again just because of my goal to run a race in every state. i have to start venturing out more! && this is another adventure to add to the books for jenny && i!! stay tuned for my NYC MARATHON race recap!! it may take me a while to write just because there is SO much to say about that race, it has my heart!!

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