Saturday, January 21, 2017

FROZEN bonsai half recap ❄️

the frozen bonsai half was lucky number thirteen for me! it was a VERY cold day in december as we headed into NYC. as always, i set out my outfit the night before and got as much sleep as i could. i usually run better in the cold, but no matter how big or small the race, i am always nervous going into it. to our surprise when we got into the city, we were able to find a great parking spot!

we walked over to the start area so i could pick up my bib and i got ready to run half marathon number thirteen! i positioned myself towards the back of the pack so that i could keep a nice even pace. the course was a few loops around central park which was actually great because i was able to see michael quite a few times! as i crossed over the start mat, i clicked on my garmin and i was ready to go. i was looking to set a post diagnosis PR that day but wasn’t confident i’d be able to.

the course was a hilly one and my hip gave me issues a few times to the point where i had to stop and walk it off and stretch. at that point i figured i wouldn’t PR but it is all about the finish right? so as i made my last loop around i saw michael and he came over to me seeing i was in pain. i couldn’t really make words out but i looked down at my garmin and realized i was on point to PR if i could just push my pace a little further!

in the final stretch i tried to rid my mind of the pain, pick up my pace, and dash for the finish! i am proud to say i got my PR that day and was thrilled. i sat down for a while and stretched out before we spent a day in the city (or so i thought). we didn’t get to see the tree as i had hoped BUT we did get to my favorite macaroon spot so that of course made me happy. i also got not one but two cups of starbucks which always makes for a great day!

these small and quiet races are the ones that help me build up to the big ones. not too long after this race i ran my final long run which was shorter than i had hoped but my fibromyalgia was flaring and i did the very best i could. that long run took me into the dopey challenge! stay tuned for my adventures in disney world and what it was like to run 48.6 magical miles!!


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